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Profile Settings

If you want to customize your profile a bit more than the defaults, you can do so on the settings page.


When you register, we pull a few things for you... Profile Picture, Header Background and Short Bio. Feel free to change or update these items if you want something different than what you have on Twitter.

Your profile also has some SEO related content that you can change such as your page title, page description and open graph card. By default we populate these fields with some default information that we already know about you.


You also have some visual updates you can make to your profile, from here you can upload a custom background image, or go back and search for an Unsplash image. If you like, you can blur the background image so that it's less of a distraction behind your content. You can also remove the image completely.

When you remove the background image, we display a solid background color, you can change this color as you see fit. Keep in mind, collection titles are always white, so using a white background could cause issues.

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