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Your Life. One Link.

The average person has 7.6 social media profiles, but only allowed one link in their bio, use Sunshine Social to share all your social profiles and websites from one custom link grid.

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Link Grid

Customize your grid to highlight your social media accounts and websites that are important to you. Add as many "Flares" to your grid as you wish, premium users can add large images to Flares and create "Flare Collections" to group related Flares.

Link Flares

A Link Flare is simply what we call the cards on your grid, each Flare links to a specific social media account, website, file or any web accessible URL. By default we support 50+ default Flare types where we pre-populate the icon and accent color for you, you can always add custom Flares using our "Website / Link" Flare type.

User Portrait

For Who? For You!

We all have our own unique interests and specialties, Sunshine Social adds value for any type of industry.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Indie Makers
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Sports Teams
  • eSports / Gamers
  • Personal or Business
  • Actors / Actresses
  • Designers / Artists
  • Musicians
  • Marketers
  • Schools / Students
  • Many Other Industries...

Profile Journals

You can now post important news and updates to your profile using our Journaling tool, we have Markdown support and up-to 10,000 characters per post, plus you can attach an image.

We encourage you to write longer, more detailed posts about important aspects of your life rather than short snippets of content like you would do on Twitter.

Journals are your space to share your thoughts. To keep your thoughts free from negativity, we do not allow comments, likes or re-post type functionality.

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Switch to Sunshine Social and make your profile more expressive and unique to you with custom images and layouts.

Build a grid showcasing your personality, not just a list of links.

Premium Features

Premium accounts have access to additional profile customizations, such as...

  • Unlimited Flares
  • Large Tile Size
  • Multiple Collections
  • Statistics (Near Future)
  • All Future Features
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