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Creating Your Sunshine Account

We have made registering and setting up your default profile as easy as possible.

1. Twitter Authentication We use Twitter as our authentication system to make it super fast to get started, secondly it allows users to get the username they are known for on Twitter. This prevents username squatting and no you cannot change your username.

2. Social Profiles After you have authenticated with Twitter, we take you to a page called "Social Profiles", here we list 11 different services that are common services to make it easy for you to quickly enter your username in for services you use.

Social Profiles

3. Profile Background After you have saved your Social Profile information, we take you to a page where you can search the photo service Unsplash to find a background image to use for your profile page.

Profile Background

If you do not want to add an image at this time, you can simply click "skip" and we'll add a default image for you that you can change later.

3. Flare Grid After you have set your background, you are then taken to your Flare Grid, this is your primary page and where you add all your links.

You'll notice, the Social Profiles you added earlier are added to your grid for you. You can now click the Gear icon to edit or delete the "Flare". If you click and drag a Flare, you can move it around the grid and place it wherever want.

Flare Grid

In our next post, we will talk about how to add a new Flare, edit your settings and customizing your bio.

4. Collections By default, every user has one "Collection" or group of Flares. Premium users can add multiple collections to organize flares in a particular way.

Every collection has a title, by default the first collection is simply your username, when you are in edit mode, you can simply click on the title to change it if you want.

Collection Title

Due note, you cannot currently move flares between collections, you must add flares directly into the collection you want it in.

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