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Release Notes - 04.11.21 Excited to announce a few updates to Sunshine Social this week...

  • The biggest feature updates is the ability to now add Markdown to Journals and character increase from 2,000 to 10,000! Now you can actually add some simple formatting to your posts for easier reading, plus ability to add links and embed more images.
  • After some mis-communication with Unsplash, we are now officially approved to use their API with higher API limits. Now we shouldn't have to worry about the image search going down due to API capacity.
  • Last but not least, we are officially out of Beta mode! We have worked through a lot of bugs that the community has found and with Unsplash limits increased, we feel confident in the current status of the site to come out of beta.

Interested in improving Sunshine Social? Let us know what kind of new features you'd like to see and we'll see what makes sense to build out for the next set of improvements.

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