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It's been quite a while since I last added a journal entry, been super busy and stressed.

My painting company has been the leading factor in my schedule and stress load, I have had some issues with the availability of my painters. They have either been busy themselves or out of town and had let to some jobs that I thought would be fairly quick, taking additional days (long days) of me doing it myself.

I also just learned that one of my painters decided to get a full-time job elsewhere but gave me no warning, which isn't great considering I have two large jobs coming up.

Lastly, in the first 3 months of 2020 I did 12 estimates; in 2021 I have done 40 in 3 months and winning 60% of them. So there has been a lot of extra time dedicated to doing estimates, plus of course all the extra jobs themselves.

It's hard to complain though, it's good to have work, very fortunate.

We are also doing a lot of house projects, new floor in bathroom due to mold we found, new woodwork throughout the house, new entertainment center built-in that needs to be done before we can do the flooring and baseboards, plus just trying to get rid of junk and other things in the house.

There are numerous other things happening too and simply struggling to keep up, slowly getting through the more stressful things though, I think.

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